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Spring Break Experiment (pt 1)

Good Morning All,

I’ve been MIA with the exceptions of weigh in posts this last week due to the academic rush prior spring break. I had a bunch of exams in 3 days and it wore me out. No joke, it took this entire weekend of being a bum to feel like a human again. Mental stress from academia is all too real. Now all that is over, its spring break!

So I’m officially on spring break! Over break I just plan to stay home, study, and work out. I also plan to try a mini experiment. I am someone who normally weights myself every morning. I don’t get hung up on tiny changes, if anything it often pushes me to get better. But over spring break I plan to try ditching the scale starting today for an entire week. This means my normal Weigh-in Wednesday this week will not happen, but I’ll resume soon enough. I just wanted to give this experiment a real shot while I can commit to working out with no excuses over spring break.

I will be indulging in the food a little bit, but hopefully plan to workout every day to counteract it. Sometimes ya just have to live life right? If anything, I’ll go back to 100% clean when I start school back up. So here is to trying a new method to see if it changes how I view my weight loss.

Thats all for now,



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Weigh-In Wednesday- 2/20/19

This morning I stepped on the scale and was shocked, it read 234.4lbs. That is a 2.6lbs loss since lat week. HECK YES! I was surprised because this entire week I’ve been gaining and losing this same dang pound. To be fair, I wasn’t surprised that I was gaining and losing that one pound because I wasn’t eating the cleanest and a was a bit over on my calorie several days this week.  I just had a lot of celebrations, 2 birthdays, small groups, a pizza party with my class…etc. And I was ok with not having a perfect diet week to live life. Its all about balance I suppose. Just continued working out. For whatever reason my body dropped a ton of the weight today. Either way, thanks body! haha

EXERCISE: Last week I lifted 3x that week. I have an ok run. A rough run and a really awesome run. In fact, I ran for an entire 30 mins for the first time since I’ve started back up. I’m super pumped about it. =] I’m aware that its no big deal for some, but for me, I’m really proud of that.

DIET: I’ve stuck to my 1600cal/week goal for the most part. I splurged about 300cals over 3 days this last week but I just tried to be a bit more active on those days. Such is life sometimes. I’m right back to my clean eating again this week. I had a great Meijer haul with a ton of produce Sunday. I’m loving eating all my fresh veggies and fruits this week. I’ve been trying new ways to sneak veggies in and I’ve actually had a good time trying new things. I’d highly encourage all of you to try new recipes when things feel like they’re getting old.

Thats all for now!

Peak Weight: 250.0 lbs

Starting Weight: 245.5 lbs

Current Weight: 234.4 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 15.6 lbs

With peace,



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By The Numbers-2/12/18

Hey All,

So I was debating doing a measurement update once a month or so. That way I could work on seeing progress in more than just scale #s. I took these measurements Tuesday at my apartment, so its nothing fancy like BMI charts and such.  So its been officially about a month since my highest weight/I’ve started this journey and here are my current measurements this far:

Neck- 16 ins. L Arm-17 ins. R Arm- 17.5ins. Bust- 48ins. Ribs- 44ins Waist- 40ins. Hips- 50ins. L Thigh- 24.25ins. R Thigh- 23.5ins.

Current Weight-237.0 lbs

Sadly I didn’t think to do this until now so I don’t have my starting numbers, but I know at the very least my hips have gone down. I know this because I am fitting into smaller pants than I was before considering the bigger pants used to be tighter and a bit uncomfortable. So here is to attempting to track progress beyond the scale.

That is it for now,


Tape Measurment

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Weigh-In Wednesday-2/13/19

So this week I lost 2lbs. WHOOP WHOOP! I’m glad all this diet and exercise is paying off. Especially since prioritizing it with school has been especially hard.

EXERCISE: Working out this week was variable. There were two days where I went hard. One where I went to the gym to just walk to simply hit 10,000 steps and I nixed the 4th workout. I know its not the best but we had a massive module exam Monday so my focus had to go to school. I just made sure I was hitting minimums.

DIET: I ate superduper clean this week. I think this is why my weight loss is still going the way its going. We shall see how this next week goes with Valentines day happening and a friend dinner planed. Hopefully I can stay on track!

Peak Weight: 250.0 lbs

Starting Weight: 245.5 lbs

Current Weight: 237.0 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 13.0 lbs

With peace,


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3 Small (EASY) Steps to Start Losing Weight/Living a Healthier Life

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to write a post giving a few easy tips to help people start losing weight; but more importantly, live a healthier life. Let me start out by saying losing weight is NOT EASY. It never has been, it never will be, and if any tips you read say otherwise they’re lying. If it was easy, no one would be overweight or obese. Even though losing weight is hard, YOUR HEALTH IS WORTH THE HARD WORK.

As someone who has lost a significant amount of weight 2 different times and is now working on a 3rd; I know how hard it is to get started. My experiences also have allowed me to collect a few easy habits to slowly introduce easy healthier habits prior going all out on your diet and exercise routine. So without further ado, these tips are things I feel are easy ways to start taking baby steps to living a healthy life and ultimately losing weight.

1-Drink Water. I’m not saying get rid of anything. I’m saying drink water. Drink as much of it as you possible can. Chances are if you’re like any standard America, you are already drinking too little.  Do I suggest you limit your sugary drinks (juice, pop, gatoraid…etc) to live a healthy life? Absolutely! But if you find change is hard, I’d start by just trying to drink more water. By drinking more water, you may find that it is easier to eliminate the less healthy drinks. By doing so you’ll stop drinking your calories and potentially start losing weight. The health benefits range from cosmetic like having clearer skin to reducing your risk of kidney stones and kidney injury. DRINK UP!

2-Eat vegetables/fruits as much as possible. If you’re like me, vegetables are hard. Straight up, I do not innately like many vegetables. I eat them because I know they’re necessary to be healthy. Fruit on the other hand is delicious and I could eat tons of it. Both are great for helping maintain long term health. Most people focus on eliminating bad foods which is definitely a big help to losing weight, but I think focusing on adding in more fruits and veggies is an easier first step. The added benefit is they are naturally low in calories and will help limit your calorie intake without really thinking about it.

3-Stop eating out, completely. Eating out will always be naturally worse for your body and health goals. Most places you eat out are not designed and focused on health. They are focused on salting, seasoning, and sugaring things to create an amazingly delicious experiencing. Eating at home and getting to control the ingredients in your food will make you more cognizant of what is going into your body.  Leading to healthier choices, and ultimately weight loss.

There are tons more things you can do to live a healthier lifestyle, but these are just quick and easy. Remember, you got this. Keep going friends!

That’s all for now,



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Weigh-In Wednesday-2/6/19

I stepped on the scale this morning and could not believe the number I saw. 239!!!!! I broke 140 and officially have lost 10lbs+ I was nervous because my body has been gaining and losing 1-2lbs every day this week. Yes, I weight myself everyday and understand it’ll be slow or water fluctuations, it just serves as a reminder for  me. Honestly, I was worried I was going to say I gained this week because one day I literally jumped up to 242.8lbs.  I’m so glad to finally feel like I am in control of my body and health again. I hope you all have a healthy week and have a great day.

EXERCISE: This week was harder in the gym for some reason. I didn’t have very good runs and lifting was ok. With the exception of the other day where I ran for a straight 9 minutes and then walked 5 then ran another 8 and did 2 minute intervals after. Ever when run days are hard, I still love knowing I’m improving.  When it comes to weights, I’m either getting stronger or I’m not working out hard enough. I’m just not getting sore post workout. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed.

DIET: With the exception of the mini binge (1900cal-should be a maintain cal #) my diet has been very clean. I don’t know why my weight isn’t moving the way it should but I’m just going to keep trying.

Peak Weight: 250.0 lbs

Starting Weight: 245.5 lbs

Current Weight: 239.0 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 11.0 lbs

With peace,


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Weigh-In Wednesday- 1/30/19

Good Morning Everyone!

I am excited to announce that I lost 2.6 lbs this week. Two Point Six! YASSSSSS! I’m excited to see that my meal prepping at hard work is paying off.

EXERCISE: I was addicted to the gym this week! For whatever reason, my body really wanted to move. Maybe it just wanted to not study, haha…but ya know! So I went to the gym 5 times this week. I do love that this happens for me occasionally. Once the gym becomes habit after several months, I do begin to crave it. When I don’t go it feels weird. I’m looking forward to when that feeling happens for me consistently.

DIET: I think upping my calorie goal using myfitnesspal was the best choice I could have made for my body. Not only do I feel WAY less hungry (I don’t really ever feel hungry; just before meals) but I think its revved my metabolism. See the crazy weight loss this week despite eating more calories than I have in the past few weeks. To be clear, the majority of those calories were healthy things like vegetables, lean meats, and fruits with a small amount of cheese for dessert. Because lets be honest, cheese is amazing. So I can say my diet has been clean 90% of the time. Even if my weight loss ends up being slower, eating more is SO much better for me in the long run.


I actually ended writing too much about the change it my diet. So much so that it became an entirely separate blog post that you can read here. 

Peak Weight: 250.0 lbs

Starting Weight: 245.5 lbs

Current Weight: 241.0 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 9.0 lbs

With peace,