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Weigh-In Wednesday- 2/20/19

This morning I stepped on the scale and was shocked, it read 234.4lbs. That is a 2.6lbs loss since lat week. HECK YES! I was surprised because this entire week I’ve been gaining and losing this same dang pound. To be fair, I wasn’t surprised that I was gaining and losing that one pound because I wasn’t eating the cleanest and a was a bit over on my calorie several days this week.  I just had a lot of celebrations, 2 birthdays, small groups, a pizza party with my class…etc. And I was ok with not having a perfect diet week to live life. Its all about balance I suppose. Just continued working out. For whatever reason my body dropped a ton of the weight today. Either way, thanks body! haha

EXERCISE: Last week I lifted 3x that week. I have an ok run. A rough run and a really awesome run. In fact, I ran for an entire 30 mins for the first time since I’ve started back up. I’m super pumped about it. =] I’m aware that its no big deal for some, but for me, I’m really proud of that.

DIET: I’ve stuck to my 1600cal/week goal for the most part. I splurged about 300cals over 3 days this last week but I just tried to be a bit more active on those days. Such is life sometimes. I’m right back to my clean eating again this week. I had a great Meijer haul with a ton of produce Sunday. I’m loving eating all my fresh veggies and fruits this week. I’ve been trying new ways to sneak veggies in and I’ve actually had a good time trying new things. I’d highly encourage all of you to try new recipes when things feel like they’re getting old.

Thats all for now!

Peak Weight: 250.0 lbs

Starting Weight: 245.5 lbs

Current Weight: 234.4 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 15.6 lbs

With peace,