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Life Update-Is It Summer Yet?

Hey All,

Normally my posts are centered on my weight loss journey or some random topic. This week has been just a little too hectic and I decided that I just wanted to write a personal post instead. So here is just a quick little life update.

This week has been EXHAUSTING! With the weather here in Michigan being crazy we had several snow days in our graduate program. This has caused a lot of self learning, which is fine except we are expected to do that on top of the few topics they teach us directly. Renal is so overwhelming. God bless nephrologists, but pass. I have 0 desire to manage this complicated mess. Sadly I know I’ll see renal problems with patients everywhere in my future.

We held a bone marrow donor drive via Be the Match this week. It went over very well. I’m super proud of all my classmates and a bit thankful it is over. All the coordinating e-mails became exhausting.  Here are some pictures from the drive.

I have been losing steam when it comes to focusing on my diet and exercise. I am anxious to do my 5K in the spring because my runs lately have felt super difficult. Don’t know why, but my body just isn’t being compliant. Also, have been lifting a little bit. I’m excited to meet with a personal trainer this coming Wednesday to work on lifting a bit more.

That is all for now. Off to hit the books!

With Peace,