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Back Again!-Life Updates/Where I’m At Now

Hey all,

I know its been a LONG time since my last post. Looking back, its pretty clear I was struggling had. Even more so than I was letting on in my¬†writing.¬†In the last 6 months I’ve been through a lot of transition. The following has all been part of my story:

  • I’ve moved twice. Out of the house with my ex and temporarily into my parents. It was a humbling experience, but they were essential in helping me heal. Then into an apartment with my current roommates in the fall.
  • I joined a work softball league. Its hilarious to watch a bunch of scientists attempt sports ball.
  • I went on a NYC/Virginia trip with my good friend Alicia before both of us starting graduate school.
  • I started the P.A program which in and of itself is extremely time consuming. But medicine it awesome! I love learning about the human body.
  • This summer I was really working on managing my depression and dealing with ending things with M. Letting go of what you thought was your future partner and the fantasy of the life was harder than I expected. Learning to deal with grief has been a major point of growth.
  • I’ve gone on a cruise this Christmas with my parents
  • I was in New Orleans for New Year’s Eve/Day.
  • I visited Nashville.
  • I’ve gained and lost and gained weight. Its been a yo-yo thing but I am just trying to go with the flow and find more peace in my life. We are starting to get things back on track again. I will continue my weigh-in-wednesdays.
  • I’ve accepted being in 2 weddings this summer which I’m pumped about. Expect lots and lots of dancing.
  • I’ve gone on some awkward online dates. Nothing super significant, but plenty of funny stories.

So that is a short abbreviated version of what has been happening in my life the last 6 months. I plan to start writing a little bit more regularly again. My goal is a substantial post once a week, however, it’ll probably be closer to every two weeks. This will be in addition to a weigh in Wednesday hopefully every week but I hope you can give me some grace if its more every two weeks. That all I’m going to write for now. I’ll update on the specifics of my weight journey tomorrow.

Have a good week!



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The Art Of Closure

Closure is hard.

Closure is elusive.

Closure is painful.

Closure is complicated.

Very rarely does closure happen in the exact way you imagine.

Sometimes you have to accept the apology you never get. You have to accept that you never said goodbye. That things ended poorly. That they weren’t who you thought they were. That things don’t work out the way you imagine them to. Once you accept that, you can start that hard process of closure.

People often think the act of acceptance is closure. Don’t get me wrong, its a large step, but its far from all of it. Closure is not thinking about it all the time after acceptance. Closure is moving forward and trying new things, even if you’re terrible at them. Sometimes that means going through the motions. Closure is filling the void that the one thing or person left. Closing that empty space to the point where you’re so distracted or happy with the new that you don’t dwell.

Closure is hard, but its possible.

Keep pushing through friends.


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