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Spring Break Experiment Pt. 2

Hey All,

So over spring break I chose to ditch the scale, track my eating, and exercise like normal. With spring break chaos its safe to say I cheated on my diet a lot..oops. But I also got to work out a lot. I also tried aerial yoga for the first time, which was a blast! I’m sore, but would totally suggest.

To my surprise my weight still dropped! On Sunday March 3rd I weight 236.6lbs and exactly 1 week later on Sunday March 10th I weighed 234.0lbs. That is a 2.6lb drop in one week! YAY! It was actually kind of nice not weight myself every day. That being said I recognize that I was able to go rouge on my diet because I was working out 2+ hours a day and was wayyyy more active than I normally am. I also found myself not being as concerned about my diet because I didn’t have that daily reminder of my weight loss goals. This was good and bad. I think I am going to go back to my daily weigh ins, simply because I could see myself losing control of my diet and not being able to counteract it with exercise. My normal non-spring break life does not allow for daily 2hours of exercise. lol. So for me and my goals, daily measurements help keep me on track.

If you personally find yourself obsessing about the scale, maybe its time to limit your weigh ins to weekly or monthly. I encourage you to focus on the non-scale victories. Just monitor your food and continue to exercise. Consistency will get you there. The weight will follow. Remember, its a lifestyle change and a journey. Wont happen overnight.

That is all for now,


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Spring Break Experiment (pt 1)

Good Morning All,

I’ve been MIA with the exceptions of weigh in posts this last week due to the academic rush prior spring break. I had a bunch of exams in 3 days and it wore me out. No joke, it took this entire weekend of being a bum to feel like a human again. Mental stress from academia is all too real. Now all that is over, its spring break!

So I’m officially on spring break! Over break I just plan to stay home, study, and work out. I also plan to try a mini experiment. I am someone who normally weights myself every morning. I don’t get hung up on tiny changes, if anything it often pushes me to get better. But over spring break I plan to try ditching the scale starting today for an entire week. This means my normal Weigh-in Wednesday this week will not happen, but I’ll resume soon enough. I just wanted to give this experiment a real shot while I can commit to working out with no excuses over spring break.

I will be indulging in the food a little bit, but hopefully plan to workout every day to counteract it. Sometimes ya just have to live life right? If anything, I’ll go back to 100% clean when I start school back up. So here is to trying a new method to see if it changes how I view my weight loss.

Thats all for now,



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A Year Since The Break Up

Hey All,

I’m hesitant to write this post because its a really personal and vulnerable thing for me, but here goes nothing. This morning I woke up, checked my phone and the date hit me. It has been exactly 1 year since my break up with my ex. Before you freak out, don’t worry I’m not obsessing. I just am good at remembering dates of things. Even if it would be nice to sometimes forget.

Have I dated a handful of people since then? Yeah, sure. Has anything really compared in commitment or intensity of my relationship with M? No. M and I have a weird distant relationship now. We went from best friends to ending it, and that was really hard. I think we both want to be friends, but the longer we go, the more I think we can’t do it. Just too much heartbreak and feelings.

Something that bothers me is hes had 2 “girlfriends” (well a rebound and one) since me and I’ve had 0 official boyfriends. I don’t know why, but it feels like I lost because of that. I’m aware that those thoughts aren’t rational, but its how I feel. If I was completely honest about it, it still hurts when I think about it. I was broken up with because he couldn’t love me and I currently can’t find anyone else. That just feels really icky. I wish I could shake this feeling today, but I’m not sure I can. I guess today healing looks like just being okay with uncomfortable and moving forward.

Hope you all have a better day than me,



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Struggling To Focus

Hello All,

So for those of you who don’t know, I’m in graduate school….. for a second time. oops. Hah! To be specific, I am in school to become a physician assistant. Some of you may already know, but the first year of PA school is crazy intense. Most people will admit its harder than medical school simply because of the speed of the material. My cohort and I basically just study all the time. Eat sleep and breath studying. Study, study, and more studying. But for whatever reason, this module I cannot focus. For the life of me, no matter what setting I put myself in, I am having a hard time focusing. I don’t know if its being anxious, if its because I haven’t been sleeping well, or if I’m just overwhelmed. This is not like my type A self. Usually I am that person that gets tons of things done off the check list everyday. As of late all I can manage is minimal studying, exercising regularly, and attempting to keep track of my diet. That minimal studying is no conducive for the intensity of my program. Whatever it is, I hope it turns around soon. What are your tips for focusing and getting things done?

That is all for now.


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3 Small (EASY) Steps to Start Losing Weight/Living a Healthier Life

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to write a post giving a few easy tips to help people start losing weight; but more importantly, live a healthier life. Let me start out by saying losing weight is NOT EASY. It never has been, it never will be, and if any tips you read say otherwise they’re lying. If it was easy, no one would be overweight or obese. Even though losing weight is hard, YOUR HEALTH IS WORTH THE HARD WORK.

As someone who has lost a significant amount of weight 2 different times and is now working on a 3rd; I know how hard it is to get started. My experiences also have allowed me to collect a few easy habits to slowly introduce easy healthier habits prior going all out on your diet and exercise routine. So without further ado, these tips are things I feel are easy ways to start taking baby steps to living a healthy life and ultimately losing weight.

1-Drink Water. I’m not saying get rid of anything. I’m saying drink water. Drink as much of it as you possible can. Chances are if you’re like any standard America, you are already drinking too little.  Do I suggest you limit your sugary drinks (juice, pop, gatoraid…etc) to live a healthy life? Absolutely! But if you find change is hard, I’d start by just trying to drink more water. By drinking more water, you may find that it is easier to eliminate the less healthy drinks. By doing so you’ll stop drinking your calories and potentially start losing weight. The health benefits range from cosmetic like having clearer skin to reducing your risk of kidney stones and kidney injury. DRINK UP!

2-Eat vegetables/fruits as much as possible. If you’re like me, vegetables are hard. Straight up, I do not innately like many vegetables. I eat them because I know they’re necessary to be healthy. Fruit on the other hand is delicious and I could eat tons of it. Both are great for helping maintain long term health. Most people focus on eliminating bad foods which is definitely a big help to losing weight, but I think focusing on adding in more fruits and veggies is an easier first step. The added benefit is they are naturally low in calories and will help limit your calorie intake without really thinking about it.

3-Stop eating out, completely. Eating out will always be naturally worse for your body and health goals. Most places you eat out are not designed and focused on health. They are focused on salting, seasoning, and sugaring things to create an amazingly delicious experiencing. Eating at home and getting to control the ingredients in your food will make you more cognizant of what is going into your body.  Leading to healthier choices, and ultimately weight loss.

There are tons more things you can do to live a healthier lifestyle, but these are just quick and easy. Remember, you got this. Keep going friends!

That’s all for now,



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First Binge Since The Diet

Hey All,

So this is actually kind of a sad post. Yesterday I had my first binge since starting my diet back in January. Binge eating is something I have struggled with the majority of my adult life. Its something that had only gotten worse after dieting the first time and even worse after the second. Its hard when you have to restrict foods. Starting the whole “good food” vs. “bad food” thing.

The only good news is this wasn’t a massive binge. I topped out at 1,903 cals according to myfitnesspal. So it technically wasn’t that bad of a binge, but feeling out of control and unable to stop is unhealthy. No matter how much gets eaten. I wanted to review the damage I did. I had a handfuls of vanilla cookies, jolly ranchers, and a few chips. After I felt like junk and went to bed pretty disappointing with myself. Is it weird I’m sad it wasn’t a better binge? One that could have included pizza or T-bell? hah!

Oh well. Today is a new day and I’ll continue on with my better eating at working out. Keep going friends.



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Life Update-Is It Summer Yet?

Hey All,

Normally my posts are centered on my weight loss journey or some random topic. This week has been just a little too hectic and I decided that I just wanted to write a personal post instead. So here is just a quick little life update.

This week has been EXHAUSTING! With the weather here in Michigan being crazy we had several snow days in our graduate program. This has caused a lot of self learning, which is fine except we are expected to do that on top of the few topics they teach us directly. Renal is so overwhelming. God bless nephrologists, but pass. I have 0 desire to manage this complicated mess. Sadly I know I’ll see renal problems with patients everywhere in my future.

We held a bone marrow donor drive via Be the Match this week. It went over very well. I’m super proud of all my classmates and a bit thankful it is over. All the coordinating e-mails became exhausting.  Here are some pictures from the drive.

I have been losing steam when it comes to focusing on my diet and exercise. I am anxious to do my 5K in the spring because my runs lately have felt super difficult. Don’t know why, but my body just isn’t being compliant. Also, have been lifting a little bit. I’m excited to meet with a personal trainer this coming Wednesday to work on lifting a bit more.

That is all for now. Off to hit the books!

With Peace,