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The Benefits of A Dog…& A Cat

Morning All,

For a little over a year I have been house/pet sitting for a retired couple living in Fl. In general I love all animals, but these two have a special place in my heart. Living alone has brought on a few challenges, however, I haven’t been living “alone alone” because of the pets. Thank God for that.

Tootise, is an 11 year old springier spaniel who is overly anxious and lovely. I also have Gizmo, the 14 year old 6lb long haired cat with resting B**** face but is a pur monster.  I love them both. Having gone through this heartbreak living alone they have been my saving grace. Not only does Gizmo snuggle up close when I’m sad (its weird how animals know) but they’re were the only reason I got out of bed 2-3 times a day when first experiencing the heartbreak. I now understand why therapy animals are a thing. I don’t just believe in their purpose, I understand it because I’ve experienced the benefits.

So without further ado…

The Benefits Of Owning A Dog… & A Cat

1- They will love you unconditionally.  You’ve cried off all your make up? You haven’t showered in a week? That doesn’t bother them one bit! They will happily snuggle up with you.

2-Puppy excitement the minute you get home from work. Being greeted at the door everyday with excited sequels is not overrated. Its nice to feel wanted.

3-Dog walks. Taking the dog for a long walk not only makes her happy, but it forces you to exercise a tiny bit (yay endorphins), get into the sunshine (yay vitamin D/fighting SAD), and gives you time to think. Bonus points for allowing yourself to meet the neighbors.

4-Snuggles. The need for touch is pretty high and the way our world works that need is rarely filled. So having an animal to be affectionate with is great.

5-They make it so you have to keep going. You have to get up to feed them or let them out. It may be exhausting to do so during your time of stress but I promise staying in bed all day all the time is detrimental to your health.

6-Petting a dog lowers your heart rate. Just a fun fact I’ve know for years, but yay for heart health. Research has found this to be especially true for men.

7-This is the cat one! Cat snuggles with purring is so wonderful. Admittedly, before this experience I was not a cat person, but Gizmo has warmed up my heart. I always love when she cuddles up and starts purring. Turns out, there is a reason why! The frequency that a cat purs at is good for human health. No joke. You can read about it more here.

There are tons of other reasons to get a dog, these are just some of my top few. If you get a pound puppy not only can you save a life, but it just might save yours. Hope you have a good week.

with peace,


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15 Things To Do At Work When You’re Bored

Hey All,

Back in December I started in a new department in my company where a LOT of what I do is hurry up and wait. There is a wide variation in my schedule, so much so that some weeks I’m scrambling and pulling 70 hours and others where if I didn’t want the money, I could rock 30 hours or less. God bless instrumentation/protocol variation, but it can lead to some boring moments. So I decided to generate a list of things to do at work when you’re bored and during the downtime. Try these things at your own risk. Be aware of company policies if you care for your job. I am not liable for your shenanigans. =]

bored at work.jpg

1- Write a blog post. I often will  write some of my posts while waiting at work. In fact it is what I’m doing right now.

2-Take any one of the millions of quizzes online. May I suggest the following of finding out what type of emoji you are. Clearly an essential piece of knowledge.

3-Reevaluate your monthly budget. Most offices have/are accepting of excel use at work.workout.jpg

4-Netflix or hulu a series. Extra points if your coworkers watch the same one and can discuss it at lunch. If your office is against this, you can always download a series on your phone ahead of time…call me a rebel.

5-Workout at your desk. Apparently this is a thing. Who knew?….Fit people. Fit people know… Here is a link that tells you all the benefit of trying to move. Its where I got the mini workout to the right.

6-YouTube. Literally anything. May I suggest the ladylike channel or soulpancake’s tell me story blind date series. I’ve linked my favorite two here:

This blind date was so cute to watch!-SoulPancake

These women never fail to make me laugh-LadyLike

7-Job hunt if you’re not loving your current position. Its actually how I applied to this job.

8-Find funny memes to send to your work wife/husband. Everyone could use a good laugh.

9-Call and make all the appointments you’ve been meaning to make. Dentist. Doctor. Eye. You (hopefully) have insurance via this job so utilize the perks!

10-Meal plan and generate your grocery list.

11-Channel your 50 year cat old lady and knit or crochet something. Extra points if you’re watching YouTube tutorials to learn.

12-Plan a vacation. I am actively planning my trip to South America at work.

13-Prank your work wife/husband. Cover their computer monitor in sticky notes. Put a sticky note on the underside of their mouse. Struggle builds character.

mouse block.jpg

14-Read a book. I leave one at my desk but I’m sure there are plenty online if that is your jam.

15-Finally, read/comment/like other blog posts. Get inspired by others!

With peace,