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Weigh-in Wednesday!- 1/9/18

Hey all,

I know its been forever since I posted but we are back at it. If you care about what I’ve been up to, I’ve written about it in a post here. Similar to past posts, I plan to have “Weigh-in Wednesdays” to help get me back on track with my fitness/dietary goals.

I have struggled with depression and binge eating the last 6 months or so. Mixed with grad school I’ve gained almost all the weight I lost previous back. =( That being said, I am now actively making the choice to not eat junk and work out at least 3x a week. This is easier said than done when you’re in PA school but just like I tell my patients, my health needs to remain a priority. So here goes my attempts at doing just that.

So quick and easy. Here are my current numbers. No matter how embarrassing they might be.

With peace,


Peak Weight: 250.0 lbs

Starting Weight: 245.5 lbs

Current Weight: 245.5 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 4.5 lbs

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Back Again!-Life Updates/Where I’m At Now

Hey all,

I know its been a LONG time since my last post. Looking back, its pretty clear I was struggling had. Even more so than I was letting on in my writing. In the last 6 months I’ve been through a lot of transition. The following has all been part of my story:

  • I’ve moved twice. Out of the house with my ex and temporarily into my parents. It was a humbling experience, but they were essential in helping me heal. Then into an apartment with my current roommates in the fall.
  • I joined a work softball league. Its hilarious to watch a bunch of scientists attempt sports ball.
  • I went on a NYC/Virginia trip with my good friend Alicia before both of us starting graduate school.
  • I started the P.A program which in and of itself is extremely time consuming. But medicine it awesome! I love learning about the human body.
  • This summer I was really working on managing my depression and dealing with ending things with M. Letting go of what you thought was your future partner and the fantasy of the life was harder than I expected. Learning to deal with grief has been a major point of growth.
  • I’ve gone on a cruise this Christmas with my parents
  • I was in New Orleans for New Year’s Eve/Day.
  • I visited Nashville.
  • I’ve gained and lost and gained weight. Its been a yo-yo thing but I am just trying to go with the flow and find more peace in my life. We are starting to get things back on track again. I will continue my weigh-in-wednesdays.
  • I’ve accepted being in 2 weddings this summer which I’m pumped about. Expect lots and lots of dancing.
  • I’ve gone on some awkward online dates. Nothing super significant, but plenty of funny stories.

So that is a short abbreviated version of what has been happening in my life the last 6 months. I plan to start writing a little bit more regularly again. My goal is a substantial post once a week, however, it’ll probably be closer to every two weeks. This will be in addition to a weigh in Wednesday hopefully every week but I hope you can give me some grace if its more every two weeks. That all I’m going to write for now. I’ll update on the specifics of my weight journey tomorrow.

Have a good week!



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About me RIGHT now 4/2018

T and GGood Morning,

I figure before I start this blog I’ll try to give a brief update on where I’m at right now. As of now, I am a 26 year old working as a researcher in the biopharmacutical industry. I hold my masters in biological sciences with an emphasis in genetic molecular biology. It goes without saying that I love all things nerdy science and have increased interest if it relates to medicine and has potential to help patients. All that being said, I got into physician assistant school and will be starting in the fall of 2018. YAY! I still can’t believe it sometimes. There are moments of pure joy followed by moments of terror that, oh my goodness I will have to get through PA school. Hah! I figure this blog could help with some of the stress of going to school. Prior to starting that big adventure I hope to go backpacking with my friend A through parts of South America. Exact details to come. In other news it is with a heavy heart that I admit to being recently single as of 2/17. I’m in the process of healing from a broken heart so there may or may not be posts about that. I’m pretty private, but I know anonymous writing can be therapeutic for me. There is no ill will toward M and we will eventually be friends, I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. On another note, I am participating in a “biggest loser” contest at work which has helped me get back on track to a healthy lifestyle. So I will be posting about my weight loss/fitness journey here as well. I am attempting to set up good habits prior entering PA school and figure a blog may make me more accountable through school. Finally, I am lucky to say I have a loving family close by who I adore. Unfortunately, I will be moving back in with (just break in leases) for the summer prior PA school so I’m sure you’ll hear about some of that. Either way I love them and my friends to pieces. Even though my life isn’t perfect, I’m thankful for what and who I have.

With peace,


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About me RIGHT now 6/2017

Hey all!

Currently I am 26 and working as a Genetic Scientist for a pharmaceutical company. I just graduated with my masters this past April in Biological Sciences. Due to all the time working two jobs and graduate school took, my diet and exercise routine went out the door. So I’m currently working on getting back to my healthy ways. As of now, I am dating a lovely man that I’ll refer to as M. I live on the west side of Michigan and am loving only having to coordinate 1 job schedule. I love my two chocolate labs and all things hammocks, music, travel, and camping. I am the definition of extroverted introvert which makes for an interesting experience. I am in love with my crazy messy life and currently wouldn’t change much about it.

Have questions? Feel free to comment and I’ll try my best to answer =]

with peace,


*I wrote this when I was restarting my blogging and didn’t have the heart to get rid of it. Reading old posts give me nice little snapshot into my life and where I was.